History of Bakers Square Pies
The beginning of great pie
We've all heard the phrase "as American as apple pie." The truth is pies originated in ancient Greece, became popular in Rome and were brought to America by the pilgrims. Bakers Square has taken this traditional favorite dessert and created the "Best Pie in America®!"

Bakers Square began as a single shop serving pie and sandwiches in Des Moines, Iowa. This restaurant produced pies one at a time – just like at home. There was no automation. The first pies were single layer cream pies and single layer meringue pies, such as Chocolate Cream and Lemon Meringue.

Recognizing a superior product, Pillsbury® bought the restaurant and opened more restaurants like it under the name of Poppin Fresh Pies®. The pie-making area in the back of the original restaurant in Des Moines was expanded to meet the ever-increasing demand for all of the restaurants in the region.

It didn't take long before demand for the pies outgrew the baking capabilities of the restaurants and centralized production facilities were opened to make the pies. Careful preparation and high quality production standards produce the same taste and quality as "homemade". This standard continues today with American Blue Ribbon Holdings (formerly VICORP), which has owned and operated Bakers Square (formerly known as Poppin Fresh Pies) since the early 1980s.

Today, our pies are a tradition for any holiday, celebration or family gathering – whenever guests want to satisfy life's simple pleasures.

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