About Us


Bakers Square began in the early 1970’s as an independent restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa, serving soups, sandwiches and–as it happens–some of the most incredible pies anyone in the area had ever tasted. The fresh baked double crust fruit pies, cream and meringue pies that this little restaurant turned out day in and day out soon built a reputation that reached as far away as Minneapolis, where Pillsbury® took note.

Pillsbury, no small experts in the baking industry themselves, bought the little restaurant and opened more restaurants like it. The restaurants spread, and the reputation of our pies spread with them.

Today, Bakers Square is owned and managed by BBQ Holdings, Inc.  It has grown into a network of restaurants across the upper Midwest that, in many ways, still maintains the charm and friendly appeal of that original restaurant in Iowa. For breakfast, lunch, dinner–or just a slice of pie–our guests find Bakers Square to be a comfortable and inviting place to relax, celebrate, or simply reward themselves with something special.

Speaking of rewards, our pies are no less incredible than they were on day one, only now they have the distinction of being the most awarded pies in America. Bakers Square pies have placed first in the America Pie Council National Pie Championships not once, but over 300 times in the last decade. Hence, our proudly earned claim that Bakers Square serves The Best Pie in America®.